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zonEnergy 1.0.2

May 13, 2008

Well. Today was a busy day. I’ve been cleaning the code and adding some icons and functionality so the application works a little better. The changes are:

  • Added an option to Ctrl+Click to turn on/off “Screen Dimming disabled” directly.
  • Changed the icons. Now there is are four icons/status.
    • Off: No option enabled. Default icon.
    • On: Screen Dim or Sleep disabler enabled.
    • Checking for video sites.
    • Checking for video sites and a site is found.
  • Solved minor problem with sleep disabler not working.

For the user there are not many changes but it works smooth now.

As always, the download links in the product page.


zonEnergy 1.0.1

May 10, 2008

This new version adds an option to turn off the screen direct from the menu. This was something I have missing from the previous version and, at least to me, is very useful.

Yesterday version contained a bug, cause I forgot to turn off the logger, so the ones that use the log console have it full of messages. Sorry
Download links as always in the product page.
Hope you enjoy.


zonEnergy 1.0 Final

May 10, 2008

Well. Not many bugs have been reported and I have fixed the few ones I found (little application, few bugs).

  • Support for Camino has been added. Now if it can be detected if youtube or metacafe is being viewed on camino.
  • Solved a problem where the application won’t stop the timer when needed.
  • Also solved problem with dock icon not hidden in OS X 10.4

As long as I know there are not more bugs.

Someone asked me to add some option to disable sleep when you close the lid of your laptop. I have think about it and I won’t do it. Tried with my macbook and I can asure you it gets a little hot. Any way, if you like to try it, you can download Insomniax.

Next version will include a few options more, but feel free to ask or comment anything.

Download links in the product page.

Update: I forgot to disable the log output. It will be solved in the next version tomorrow. If it doesn’t bother you, you can still use this version


zonEnergy 1.0RC1 (Updated)

May 5, 2008

Well, today I bring out a little utility. It’s called zonEnergy and it has a very focused utility.

Basically it keep your computer awake. I developed it because every time I was watching some youtube video the screen will start dimming. I found I could develop something to prevent this.
In this first version there are various options. Disable screen dimming or computer sleeping for an amount of time (or forever). It also detects if you are watching some flash video from a well known site (if the site includes the site name in the window title).

As you can see it shares somethings with Caffeine (also freeware. We have to help each other 😛 ) but it will add a few things more.
I will add the download and description page latter today.

Updated: As I told before, the info page and the download links have been added. Check it here.