zonEnergy 1.0RC1 (Updated)

May 5, 2008

Well, today I bring out a little utility. It’s called zonEnergy and it has a very focused utility.

Basically it keep your computer awake. I developed it because every time I was watching some youtube video the screen will start dimming. I found I could develop something to prevent this.
In this first version there are various options. Disable screen dimming or computer sleeping for an amount of time (or forever). It also detects if you are watching some flash video from a well known site (if the site includes the site name in the window title).

As you can see it shares somethings with Caffeine (also freeware. We have to help each other πŸ˜› ) but it will add a few things more.
I will add the download and description page latter today.

Updated: As I told before, the info page and the download links have been added. Check it here.



  1. hello. πŸ™‚

    i found zonEnergy at VersionTracker, & it sounded great! i downloaded it, but i can’t get it to do anything. i don’t have the same options i saw in the screenshot. mine sez “Remove From Dock” “Open At Login” “Open In Finder” a blank area, & then “Open”.

    i’m on an Intel Mac, with v 10.4.11 am i doing something wrong, or is my version too old?

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  2. That’s normal I think… (concerning the Dock)…

    But, normally, if you use the new icon appearing in the menu bar (upper right of your display), you will get access to the functionnalities of zonEnergy as in the screenshot https://zonsoftware.wordpress.com/zonenergy/

    By the way, has somebody found how to contact the author? Even this page https://zonsoftware.wordpress.com/about-2/ propose to contact, but without any address?

  3. Hi. I’m sorry to have been absent this week.
    I have updated the about page to show my mail.
    Feel free mail me.

    biff: As y says, this are the menu options displayed on the dock icon. I don’t know why but I forgot to remove the icon in 10.4.
    To access the options you have to use the menu on the status bar.
    Btw, a new version has been uploaded.

  4. oh, i see it up there now! thanks you guys. πŸ˜€

    that screen dimming thing always drives me nuts. you can keep your Mac from falling asleep in the ‘energy saver’ thingy in system preferences, but there’s nothing to stop it from dimming.

    i’ll have to go check out the new version now…

  5. ok, i’m back. :lol i think i already have the newest version. anyhoo, i watched my whole Desperate Housewives online, & it worked great! NO dimming, & it stayed wide awake the whole time!

    this is one of the most useful free softwares i have ever found. thank you so much! you’re a genius. πŸ˜€

    i will recommend it to all my Mac friends.

  6. Thanks a lot. Feedback and friends are always welcome πŸ˜€

  7. no, thank YOU! πŸ˜€ i’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. πŸ™‚

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