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Air Hockey Max

June 6, 2010

Yesterday finally I’ve got my Air Hockey app approved by Apple.

It’s an universal app, so it can run in both iPad and iPhone. Previous screenshoot is from the iPad version. This one is from the iPhone.

Here you have a video of the gameplay.

You can download it right now from the AppStore.

Hope you enjoy it.


PioPio Twitter client

February 15, 2010

Well, this days I’ve been working in a little project called PioPio. Basically is a Twitter client, as many others available.

Why I’m doing this? The short reply is cause I wanted to do it. The long one is that I missed things in the usual suspects, as autocomplete names. Right now It’s almost finished (thanks to the MGTwitterEngine) but it’s missing things like short URLs, upload to image sites or support for lists.

This things apart, I hope to roll out a beta version as early as this weekend, and I’ll add things as I finish them (I’ll have to figure out some kind of update system…).

Final release (1.0) will be accompanied (hopefully) by an iPhone release of the program.

As always, feel free to make suggestions and requests.


New year, new App: zonMotion

January 5, 2010

Happy new year and first of all sorry for my long absence. And now something completely different (^_^)

zonMotion is a lightweight app to record Stop Motion animations and Time Lapses recordings. As you can see in the video embedded bellow it’s simple, easy to use and for most of the time, have handly everything you need. And the most important feature: It’s free.

You can download it in the product page.

As always, feel free to post problems, requests and suggestions.

Happy new year.


zonBackgammon 1.0.1 Wrong Version

June 11, 2008

UPDATED: Well, today don’t seem to be my day. First there was a bug in the logic. Now, when solving the failure I changed the board disposition and forgot to restore it, so don’t download this version.

I’ll post a new version later this week with the new AI and everything I’ll find wrong.

Sorry again for releasing a bad product.

This was fast. There was a bug in the logic of the game so when there were two pieces on the bar and you could only move one, the system will get stuck cause it thought you can move both.

Sorry for causing any problems, but I though I have tested all the variations.


zonBackgammon 1.0 finally (Updated)

June 11, 2008

UPDATE: Please, don’t download the game as there is a bug right now that I didn’t found. Wait for the next update today.

Well, it took me more than I thought. The main problem (memory issues apart) was developing the AI of the computer.

Right now it’s not the best player but it will do. I’ll continue improving this week so be prepared for a new version as soon as the new AI is finished.

I hope you enjoy the game, and as always, if you have any problem or suggestion just let me know.

You can download the game from the product page.


zonSudoku 1.0.2

May 28, 2008

Well, after a few days I have updated the Sudoku game. I’ve added a few things.

  • Timer to let you know the time you have wasted 😀
  • Option to clear one cell either by right-clicking on it or by ctrl-click.
  • Finish sound famicom style. Thanks to pepino.

Esthetically the changes are minor, but here is an screenshot.

Next release will take a bit long as I’m developing the Backgammon game.

As always download links in the product page.


zonSudoku 1.0.1

May 24, 2008

Well, I have added a show tips to easy the solving to some people who asked for it.

There was also a minor bug in the generation algorithm, but now is solved.

As always feel free to ask for improvements and features. The mail is in the about page.

The dowload links in the product page.