zonEnergy 1.0.1

May 10, 2008

This new version adds an option to turn off the screen direct from the menu. This was something I have missing from the previous version and, at least to me, is very useful.

Yesterday version contained a bug, cause I forgot to turn off the logger, so the ones that use the log console have it full of messages. Sorry
Download links as always in the product page.
Hope you enjoy.



  1. Excellent utility; better than Caffeine, with more timing options and the “YouTube detector”!

    One minor request – can it be extended to detect when applications which could be running video are open, as well as Web browsers? In my case, Miro, but there are other possibilities (e.g. Real Player, Quicktime).

  2. Ok. I guess is a good option. I’ll try to add it to next version

  3. Hi again. I’ve been trying and QuickTime and Real Player will keep the screen on by themselves.
    The only one not doing it is miro. I’ll add the code in a latter version. Today have made lots of code changes 😛
    Next version will include miro and some preferences 😛

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