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Air Hockey Max 1.1

June 18, 2010

Yesterday was submitted a new version of Air Hockey Max, fixing a few parameters and improving speed on iPad. As soon as it’s approved by Apple it’ll appear on your iTunes.

Next release will bring new powers and spanish, french and japanese translations.

Hope you enjoy it.


zonMotion 1.1

January 20, 2010

Well, finally I got my hands on an external camera, so I was able to implement the selection of multiple cameras in zonMotion. It’s only a change but a big one if you depend on an external camera.

zonMotion 1.1

As you can see, the interface remains as it was.

Feel free to report any bugs or requests.


Delays and more info

October 5, 2008

Well, long time without posting, and time to explain.

Over the last months I’ve been changing jobs (three times to be precise) and moving from flat to flat to a friends house and now I’m temporally in another flat. In this time I’ve also finished my 8 year relationship with my ex-girlfriend. To be correct, she ended it.

Adding my work at the company, at home and side jobs… As you can see I have had a few “problems” with having spare time. But from now on I’ll be more focused.

My first objective is finishing a game I’m developing with another friend. Is an iPhone/iPod game, based on a game called nonono(ののの) for GBA. You can see a work in progress in this link. Also I’m working on another game, but it’s a secret right now.

While finishing it I’ll be fixing some bugs on the sudoku game, rebuilding the AI of the backgammon game from scratch, as it was a real trash I develop after a party night 😛

Next thing on my schedule is finishing the rebuild of zonViewer, adding filters and more. It’s almost finished but frozen for 4 months.

As you can see, lots of promises. I’ll try to keep them all.

Good night.


zonBackgammon almost finished

June 3, 2008

Yesterday I found some time to code something. As I’m also with other projects I had little time to continue with the Backgammon game.

I have finally develop all the GUI drawing. There are only missing the controls to end turn and start a new game.

The computer AI is also finished but there are some problems with memory management that I’m trying to solve before releasing the app. I hope I have time to finish it before next week.


zonBackgammon delay

May 30, 2008

After promising a release date for today, I have to say that I can’t achieve it.

The main problem has been that I’m between jobs. This week I’ve been having job interviews and now I have a few days to finish all the paper work in order to untie from the company. I hope to continue the work early next week.


zonBackgammon advances

May 28, 2008

Yesterday I had some time to spare with the code and I have finish the graphic interface, with pieces movement and all the underlying logic. This should seem easy in other environments (flash for example) but in cocoa it took me a whole afternoon.

As for the rest of the application, the only thing remaining is the machine AI. I have it finished in java and I’ll port it to cocoa as soon as I have time.

Here is an screenshot of the current state of the app.

As always is simple. If I can I’ll add some texture to the board color, but don’t look for it as is not a needed thing.


Next App is zonBackgammon

May 27, 2008

Well, keeping my original name nomenclature, next application will be a Backgammon game. This is due to a number of facts. The more important one is that I’m experimenting with Core Image so I’m trying to have all the base knowledge that I can. Also I wanted to make some application with basic AI and I thought backgammon has all this things: drag and drop graphics, AI and some graphics.

I started it’s development yesterday, so I hope I will release the first version on friday at the very latest, but I think I’ll have it by wednesday.

Hope you like it.

PD: As always, if you think of any software missing for OS X or windows, I’ll be glad to develop it.