zonBackgammon advances

May 28, 2008

Yesterday I had some time to spare with the code and I have finish the graphic interface, with pieces movement and all the underlying logic. This should seem easy in other environments (flash for example) but in cocoa it took me a whole afternoon.

As for the rest of the application, the only thing remaining is the machine AI. I have it finished in java and I’ll port it to cocoa as soon as I have time.

Here is an screenshot of the current state of the app.

As always is simple. If I can I’ll add some texture to the board color, but don’t look for it as is not a needed thing.



  1. Here’s how you take a pic of a window without taking the background as well and without having to trim it afterwards:

    Cmd+Shift+4 then Space then click the window you want to shoot.

  2. Uooo! Thanks, but I prefer to have something in the background, that way people can say: Look! He uses Adium 😛

  3. Where is the download button? I have been all over your Backgammon page and can’t find it!


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