zonMotion is lightweight application to do Stop Motion animations and Time Lapse recordings.

With it you will be able to do Stop Motion captures easily thanks to the overlay option, and do no-brainer Time Lapses with almost zero configuration.

Reviews: Macity, Mackozer.

If you find any bugs feel free to report to zonSoftware at gmail dot com.

As always, feel free to give suggestions and make requests.

VersionTracker Macupdate Get it from Sofotex


Version 1.1:

  • Added support to select cameras other than default

Version 1.0:

  • Added support for timed recording.
  • Added overlay options for Stop Motion recording.
  • Export frames as images.


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  2. […] You can download it in the product page. […]

  3. Nice app and looking forward to using it but how do you use/configure a USB webcam as I don’t want to use the build in iSight.



    • Hi there. As right now I don’t have a usb cam I can’t try it, but I think I’ll be able to do it during this week.

  4. […] got my hands on an external camera, so I was able to implement the selection of multiple cameras in zonMotion. It’s only a change but a big one if you depend on an external […]

  5. Nice app!

    • Thanks

  6. great apps!

    nice avatar Franz! 😉

  7. […] de quem precisa fazer esta atividade com ajuda do zonMotion. Ele é um software free que além de permitir criar vídeos stopmotion como criar vídeos de Time […]

  8. […] programas pagos, piratas e ou freeware. Para quem não quiser pagar por um software pode usar o zonMotion. O zonMotion permite capturar imagens utilizando a camera iSight do notebook ou utilizar alguma […]

  9. […] você procura um software simples e rápido para criar vídeos em stop motion no Mac, conheça o zonMotion, da zonSoftware. Ele suporta não só a captura de imagens de câmeras externas, como também a da […]

  10. Love it.

    What cameras can I use besides the built in one? I connected my regular camera via USB and I didn’t get an option for it under the input device pop up menu. It’s not convenient to point the iSight at the stop-motion stage…


  11. I tried a Kodak EasyShare camera in both still and video mode connected by USB, it wouldn’t show up in the input select pop up menu. I tried a digital video camera connected by FireWire, Skype was able to see this camera, but zonMotion could not. Is there anything I need to do to get zonMotion to recognize the camera? The software itself is great.

    If I need a more typical USB webcam is there any particular spec I need to look for to know it will work?

    iMac Core Duo with OS X 10.5.8



    • Hi!
      Same question here, can´t get any camera, USB or Firewire, to show up? Any suggestions?



    • Hello Andrew,
      I’ve tried with the built-in iSight, with a Quickcam Express and with a Sony Eyetoy, cause they where the cameras I had to try it. I don’t know the one you say but, as others are having problems, I’ll try to check with other cameras. As soon as I have a solution i’ll post an update.
      Anyway, as a suggestion, try Macam if you have any other cameras with problems

  12. HI, I just love this program. I am using an external webam (logitech) and it works great. I am still recording my first movie but it looks great so far. A nice feature would be a delete function. So you can go back a few steps in case you mess up.

    Or if it is already there… tell me 🙂

    • Hi there,
      Nice to ear you loved the app. I’m thinking about the delete option but right now I haven’t come to a intuitive way to do it. I don’t want to complicate to much the app adding a timeline (you have other programs that do it well). If you have any suggestions mail me.

      • What I would like, but I have no idea if it is possible, is something like…
        When I watch what I recorded sofar and decide like the last few seconds should be removed, I would just put the slider on the spot between what I’d like to keep and what is to be removed and then press delete or some other button. It would be great if the last picture could be used as overlay base so it is possible to reset the stage to that point (my characters)and continue recording from that point.

        But like I said earlier I really do like what the program is capable of already

      • Well, you’ll have it for next release 😉

      • Wow, really? That would be great. You are making my day 🙂 Good luck with the programming of it all.

  13. […] não sabe por onde começar ? Que tipo de programa vai usar ou como vai fazer ? Entao conheça o zonMotion um aplicativo super leve e fácil de ser usado e requer praticamente ZERO de configuração […]

  14. […] mas não sabe por onde começar ? Que tipo deprograma vai usar ou como vai fazer ? Entao conheça o zonMotion um aplicativosuper leve e fácil de ser usado e requer praticamente ZERO de configuração […]

  15. […] Software zonMotion von zonSoftware ermöglicht das einfache produzieren von Stop-Motion Animationen. Wieso nicht […]

  16. I had a go – really excellent and very easy and obvious how to use it. I was using my macbook isight camera and so had a problem with mirroring- I was moving in the wrong direction.. I used iglasses to correct this- it worked properly and also allows you to lock exposure- very good idea so that exposure is not constantly changing and spoiling all your hard work! Only question is – what resolution does it output at- I looked at the info on the film I had made and it suggested the resolution was only 300 x something. Can I use the full resolution of the the camera (it is only standard definition-ish ). If so this product would be absolutely great!
    Well done whatever the answer!
    Andy Prendergast

  17. Hello,
    Is it possible to connect a Nikon DSLR to this application ?

  18. I have a willing analytical eye regarding fine detail and may foresee issues just
    before these people occur.

  19. it is a great app, it has saved my ass on several times i would recommend it to anyone that wants quality and lightness when it comes to recording.

  20. interesting neve knew there was an app like this one, i will check it out and leave my feedback.

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