Next App is zonBackgammon

May 27, 2008

Well, keeping my original name nomenclature, next application will be a Backgammon game. This is due to a number of facts. The more important one is that I’m experimenting with Core Image so I’m trying to have all the base knowledge that I can. Also I wanted to make some application with basic AI and I thought backgammon has all this things: drag and drop graphics, AI and some graphics.

I started it’s development yesterday, so I hope I will release the first version on friday at the very latest, but I think I’ll have it by wednesday.

Hope you like it.

PD: As always, if you think of any software missing for OS X or windows, I’ll be glad to develop it.



  1. Can you play Backgammon? Do you like it? I don’t even know the rules. I thought nobody in Spain could play Backgammon.

  2. I played backgammon back on the 90’s. And I learned the rules by myself.
    I also played mahong without any knowledge and sometimes I won. But I didn’t understood a damn thing.
    Now that I know the rules I know I played it wrong.

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