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zonViewer 1.0beta RC3

January 14, 2008

zonViewer is a image viewer with batch processing capabilities. It has been developed as a substitute of irfanview for the OS X world.

  • View and save to common image formats (PNG, GIF, JPG, JPG2000…).
  • Image Resize.
  • Image Rotate and Flip.
  • Batch Image rename, resize and convert.
  • Flip images vertical and horizontally.
  • Convert to grayscale.

Here you have a few screenshots.

-Main Window:

-Resize window:

-Batch window:

You can download the application on VersionTracker and MacUpdate.

Although I have been a little busy lately (no updates since october), I think that in February I’ll have time for a new version with a document-view orientation and use of CImage as a base. This will solve some of my problems (like cropping and changing colorspace) and will allow me to add effects and other things.