zonSudoku for iPhone (Update)

January 16, 2009

Update: It has been approved and is currently available for free in the AppStore here.

Well, after some time waiting for things to happen and after some work and home changes, last Friday I was finally able to code something.
I decided and bought the iPhone SDK license and started porting the zonSudoku game. And today, one week later here it is, zonSudoku for iPhone.
As I expected, it has the same features as the desktop version and the controls fit perfectly with the iPhone touchscreen. I’ve also added some improvements and features.

This is the first version and it’s waiting for approval on the iTunes Store. As soon as it is available I’ll let you know.
There are things missing like stats and a more suitable background music. This will be added in the next revision, as soon as I can (most of it is almost implemented).

PD: Happy New Year!


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