zonSudoku 1.0.1

May 24, 2008

Well, I have added a show tips to easy the solving to some people who asked for it.

There was also a minor bug in the generation algorithm, but now is solved.

As always feel free to ask for improvements and features. The mail is in the about page.

The dowload links in the product page.



  1. Download links say the latest they have is 1.0.

  2. OK it’s updated now.
    You could as well wait for download links to be up to date, before you announce a new release.

  3. Sorry, but Macupdates and VersionTracker updates at first time in the morning and I wasn’t gonna have Internet for a few days.

  4. Then you can place a bet on a date and publish the post with a future date. WordPress will automagically publish the article when the date becomes current.

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