zonSudoku: Why another sudoku game?

May 19, 2008

This is a game I wrote because my mother was always asking me for a good Sudoku game. She wanted it to be free, cause the one she was using before was always showing a “buy me” message.

But the reason to do it was because she also asked it to be easy to use. At first I thought she is just a little picky about the applications she tried. I downloaded all the sudokus apps that I show at versiontracker and found that they all have some type of GUI problem.

So yesterday I decided to build my own Sudoku application an I finished it the same day. There are somethings I have to polish (add Icon, delete unused menus), but I think I will publish it today.

My sudoku game will have different modes: 4×4, 9×9 and 16×16 grids. I think in next versions I’ll add a solver. With the code I have right now it won’t be difficult but this way I’ll force myself to update the application.

Wait for a release later today.



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